You may close this window once connecting.

  • Not allowlisted
    If this shows up in your webpage console, ensure that you are signed in to your xenforo account on the website and that you have the GTA Whitelisted role on the forums, if you are signed in and dont have the role when you are supposed to. Contact a member of staff.
  • Allowlisted but still not working...
    This is a common issue that occurrs on a daily basis, there's not much we can do to fix this as it is a xenforo issue. Best way to fix this is to try and open a form on the main page sidebar, example: PD interest app, once you are automatically logged out, log back in and try again
  • Everything above is checked but still not working
    Try make sure that you've enabled browser popups for this page. To do this, follow these steps depending on your browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Dont show this page on stream
    But why? Because in case of a server issue, private connection data might accidentally show up in code or be visible on the wesbite. Etiher your connection data or the game servers. Basically, its to protect your identity and ours.
  • Infinite loading screen... -_-
    Welp... on our server side your connection is timing out and you've been kicked when this happens.. so you aren't in the loading screen but the fivem ui is just stuck. This is most likely because of one of two issues. 1. You need to add Fivem as an exception to your firewall (Built in windows and any secondary firewall/anti virus programs you may have installed) 2. You don't have enough storage on your PC, as of when this was written (10/8/2021) recommended amount of storage space to join the server is 4 GiB
  • CURL Error
    You are having an issue with your network. Make sure you disable any web filters, anti-virus, and firewall software. If that doesn't work, use a VPN like Cloudflare WARP.
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